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About our company

The Help Home Service company started as a hobby and passion to repair anything and everything we could put our hands to. As we settled in Wisconsin between careers our team found that we loved small residential appliance repair the most. Our team quickly became fully qualified in all the brands available for repair and replacement in homes nearby.


Taking this newfound enjoyment and customer service type role we created our Head Quarters in Wisconsin, Dells USA From there we expanded to communities near by like Sauk County, Dane County, Marquette County, and Columbia County.

Our reach and services has since expanded to fridge repair near me type requests, samsung appliance repair and microwave repairs. Clients would also inquire about stove and oven appliance repair so we added these to our now diverse wheel house. Finally vent hood repair became a neccesity.

Our technicians are friendly cordial and respectful when entering and servicing your home. We also look for honest pricing appliance replacements that make sense to you as the buyer while looking into warrenty ect.

We would love to connect and help you with your next appliance thanks for visiting our site we appreciate your time.

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